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Group Yoga

Naam Yoga leads students in the process of consciously stimulating the body’s vast matrix of energy meridians so as to reverse physical, emotional, and mental imbalances and strengthen the body’s restorative capacity. This sacred technology provides practical, integrative tools for radiant health and well-being. EuGene will structure a specific practice for you based on your physical/emotional needs to best help the healing process. *You may add loved ones or friends to your sessions for $30 per person up to 2ppl*

Group Naam Classes  allow the students to benefit from the dynamics created when this practice is done with 5 or more people. Using sacred geometry, chi gong practices and the brilliance of Naam Yoga's techniques, Group Yoga takes becomes a complete healing and restorative session for all participants.  EuGene will structure a specific practice for your Group based on your collective physical/emotional needs to best help the healing process. *5 Person Minimum*

Kabbalistic Astrology Reading

This ancient and sacred system uses the divine code of the Universe in combination with the laws of the main Archangels who stand before the throne of God and operate through the creative planets. It is the very system used by Mother Nature in Her mysterious dealings with life and the action of the Archangels whose magnetic influence operates through the creative planets and radiates over the Earth. After years of practical experience and planning, we are able to make the sacred system that reveals the mysteries of Heaven and Earth available to all who seek to make living in accordance with Divine Law the highest priority in their lives.

Kabbalistic Relationship Reading

Discover the planetary influences that penetrate every relationship you have. These subtle influences, once recognized, can be harnessed to heal and expand your experience of what Love has always been meant to be. Wether in a current relationship or single looking to attract new Love, these sessions are designed to give you the practical tools necessary to go deeper into yourself, to express the compassion needed for lasting Love relationships.

Kabbalistic Business Reading

As business owners, you know that your energy and mind set affect your bottom line in the long and short run. Yet these business "entities" have a planetary energy, a period of planetary cycles, and a vibration directly tied to you, that can be mapped and properly focused. Through practically applied Kabbalistic principles, you can gain a deeper insight into the underlying influences that power your business towards lasting success and expansion.

Skype Meditation

If your ready to experience a deeper level of yourself, this meditation session will bring clarity to your mind and open your heart. Perfect for the beginner and seasoned meditator alike. This meditation class focuses on breath work, chanting/singing mantras in English, Hebrew, Gurmukhi and Latin, and silence. Be prepared to receive a personal practice to do in between sessions to help you build momentum on your journey. Sessions fill up fast so book yours today!

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