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Lightening presence workshops


You can find it in The Lightening Presence Training


  • Have you ever been so strung out on stress that you lost your cool with your family?  We give you tools to Manage Stress & Anxiety!

  • Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed when trying to focus on the important everyday things in your life- not to mention planning for your future?  We will give you tools to Improve Concentration!

  • Do you still sometimes feel like a wallflower in the scenery of your life, waiting for someone to see all of your gifts and talents?  We give you tools to increase Personal Magnetism and Confidence!

  • Do you have some nagging health problems that just seem to keep hanging on?  We give you tools to Alleviate Pre-Existing Health Conditions!

  • Do you want your environment to radiate with joy and positivity that is contagious? We give you tools to Infuse Your Work and Home Environment with More Positive Energy!


And these are not “one and done” tools, where there is an expiration date.  These are tools and techniques you can use in your everyday life. FOREVER.  


And if you know my teaching style, you know that it’s both

Powerful & Practical.


What you will get:

  • You will gain the confidence in your daily life as well as the ability to clearly and powerfully teach these skills to your family, friends and clients.

  • You will move in confidence and clarity in managing emotional events that would have normally disrupted your day.

  • You will achieve better health, and exude positivity that attracts the right kinds of people and opportunituy into your life.



How you will get it:

Watch the  12 Videos, listen to the 6 Audios and study the 5 PDFs.

(They explain and demonstrate the techniques, their application and benefits to you and your clients.)

Do the exercises.

Feel Better.

(Then, share the goodness.)

That’s It.

See you soon!!!

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