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EuGene Gant is known for combining ancient spiritual practices, movement and


laughter to achieve mind body balance, a boost of energy and optimism. In 


addition to  personal coaching, public and private yoga classes, EuGene offers 


motivational speaking and corporate workshops.


Stress Management Coaching

EuGene combines ancient wisdom with his personal experience, breathing excercises, yogic techniques and movements that are tailored to strengthen performance & health, and achieve an overall sense of balance.  EuGene's coaching is designed to provide significant and rapid results for all levels of experience.

Naam Yoga Therapies

Naam Yoga is the key for maximum spiritual growth and joyful synthesis of sound, breath, mudras (hand postures), movement and rhythm.  Naam Yoga raises your vibration and brings health and vitality, while balancing the nervous system and improving brain function.  Its accessible to all levels of experience.

*Private classes and corporate workshops available*

Sacred Ceremonies &
Kabbalistic Body Work

Universal Kabbalah is an ancient spiritual system that expands the human consciousness and connects the practitioner with the source of Life Itself.  Life has a language of patterns and numbers which directly correspond to the human body and pysche. Once properly understood and applied, this system can create lasting change and empowerment to the practitioner and client.  EuGene uses this system to guide you back to your heart, sharpen your mind and promote healing within your body.


Discover the benefits of meditation and bring peace of mind into your life with simple and effective techniques that will allow you to focus on the present for a better tomorrow.

Full & New Moon Meditations

 The Moon events EuGene facilitates are family friendly and open to all levels of practice and beliefs.   By harmonizing your self with the natural cycles of Earth, you have the opportunity to balance and heal the glands, nervous systems, blood, and any deep seated emotional or mental ailments.  By doing these meditations with Naam Shakti Yoga, breath work, music, live drumming, and a supportive and loving group context, it further enhances the healing process and lifts the spirit of all who participate. 

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