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EuGene is known for combining Ancient Spiritual Practices, Movement and Laughter to "stimulate and maximize the human technology". In addition to  Personal Coaching, Public and Private Yoga Classes, EuGene offers Motivational Speaking and Corporate Workshops.


Private/Group Yoga

Naam Yoga is the key for maximum spiritual growth and joyful synthesis of sound, breath, mudras (hand postures), movement and rhythm.  Naam Yoga raises your vibration and brings health and vitality, while balancing the nervous system and improving brain function.  Its accessible to all levels of experience.

*Private classes and corporate workshops available*


Breathing Life Into You And Your Business

EuGene combines ancient wisdom with his personal experience, breathing excercises, yogic techniques and movements that are tailored to strengthen performance & health, and achieve an overall sense of balance.  EuGene's coaching is designed to provide significant and rapid results for all levels of experience.


Discover Practical Meditation Techniques

Discover the benefits of meditation and bring peace of mind into your life. EuGene hands you simple and effective meditation techniques that will allow you to focus on the present for a better tomorrow. You can book your meditation with Eugene now.


at 35th & Collins Beach

EuGene holds Full Moon and New Moon Meditations at 35&Collins Beach. His intention is to provide the community with empowering and healing events that change the way you feel, think, and live your life. To find out about the next Full Moon or New Moon Meditation click" Learn more".


Private Online Meditations

If your ready to experience a deeper level of yourself, this meditation session will bring clarity to your mind and open your heart. Perfect for the beginner and seasoned meditator alike. This meditation class focuses on breath work, chanting/singing mantras in English, Hebrew, Gurmukhi and Latin. As well silence. Be prepared to receive a personal practice to do in between sessions to help you build momentum on your journey. Book your private meditation today!


Business/Relationship/Astrology Readings

Universal Kabbalah is an ancient spiritual system that expands the human consciousness and connects the practitioner with the source of Life Itself.  Life has a language of patterns and numbers which directly correspond to the human body and pysche. Once properly understood and applied, this system can create lasting change and empowerment to the practitioner and client.  EuGene uses this system to guide you back to your heart, sharpen your mind and promote healing within your body.


Breathwarriors - Activate Your Life and Your Business

Are you looking for a way shift your life, health and your business?

You can find it in The Lightening Presence TrainingThis workshop is set up for people suffering from stress and anxiety.​ People with a lack of concentration and focus. People who are not confident in their every life​. People struggling with health issues. Or simply people who want to infuse their work and home environment with more positive energy. The Lightening Presence will hand you tools you can use in your everyday life: every day of your life. A powerful and practical transformation. Find out more here.


Take Some Time Off

Are you searching for an escape from your daily life? A place where the worries and stress of your job seem to be a million miles away. A conscious way of spending your holidays. EuGene hosts retreats in various countries. Send him a message to learn more about upcoming retreats and events.


Public speaking is an art form in its own rights. EuGenes combines information with entertainment. His speeches are uplifting and enlightening. Send him a message now to learn more.


Book EuGene For Your Special Occassion

Are you looking for someone to bring some magic to your ceremony? Someone with contagious laughter and joy. Message EuGene directly and ask him to host your ceremony.



Sacred Sounds

EuGene uses the power of  chanting or vibrating sounds to balance your mind and body. Chanting is completely different to singing. Though the sacred sounds used are powerful for the sub-conscious mind, chanting's ability to vibrate the subtle parts of the body are its key to healing. Breath is the King of the mind and Sound is the balm of the Soul. Discover the many benefits chanting can bring to your everyday life. Learn more here.


Concious Music For The Soul

Enjoy uplifting chants, beautiful beats and grounding mantras.

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"Breathing LIFE into you and your business."

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