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A client asked me what style of yoga I teach, what's my practice called? Its hard to put a solid name on it. Naam Yoga is what I'm certified in. Though I've often used concepts and techniques from Hermitic thought, A Course in Miracles, Shakti Naam, animal loco motion, Golden Dawn, Sufism, etc. What's your practice but everything that makes you move forward in spite of, or look closer at a flower or interactions with strangers throughout the day. The modern mystic/yogi soaks up his or her environment and thrusts themselves and their students on an experimental journey into the Truth. That undying, indescribable feeling that so many of our visionary artists saturate themselves in to channel the unseen human experience to others. Its that moment of complete clarity about oneself felt when immersed in complete awe of nature, new life or passionate love relation.

We, each of us, seek out the answer and diefy other seekers in order to find the road with the least amount of responsibility and resistance as possible. We've given our sacred selves to our churches, temples, and other established organizations because we forgotten our true "personal relationship" with the Divine unknowable. I often hear the term "spiritual" used as a way of life or niche for bead and fabric sales people. However if you agree with me that we are spirit and matter combined, and that on some level we've been existing far beyond our recollection. Then it must follow that we are, by our very nature, spiritual. That we experience these different ways of sacred life and worship passed on through our families and cultures, to actually have a reference point that identifies what we feel everyday, what we've always felt. That there's more to this life than just what's been presented to us as real since our beginning return. I know it sounds space age and fluffy but only seeing and hearing less than .01% of the light and sound spectrum it makes one wonder.

I feel like my goal is to either subtly or blatantly introduce people to this way of life, the life of an awakened human. It's why I practice. Its why all life moves in a spiral, in every direction, unfolding into a greater yet to be each moment. Why our friends and lovers and jobs change when we do. Its the why that gets me up at 4:30am to breath like a banshee in heat and chant for an hour for 40days straight. I know, it sounds crazy, but I've been listening to some great minds in consciousness and business and the pattern of consistent action and repetition sticks out like a sore thumb.

One of my resolutions is to express more of my brilliance of the world through my talents and gifts, and inspire those that are ready to take that super daring next step into themselves. I feel the classes and techniques I teach and lead people through enhances the experience of the self, the deepest and most authentic part, which in turn gives the body and mind an opportunity to work together more efficiently. We are mystics by nature and this coming year of 2016 will bring us opportunities that give deep meaning to the questions we ask ourselves in private moments.

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