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Living Waters

I love water! I love the way it feels to be submerged inside of it, floating and fully surrendered, or moving through it with my limbs like I'm flying. Being from Los Angeles and growing up with the ocean's power and presence has always healed me and broaden my perspective of life. Water is life, simple as that. We're currently searching other planets to find water as a basis for sustaining human life beyond Earth. Yet I must admit that Space itself has intrigued me more than anything else with its mysteries and constant presence, everywhere.

There is no place space is not, period. There is nothing that has ever happened that hasn't required space to happen in. There is no sound, light, action, inaction or anything else for that matter that can be without space. Even in the higher dimensions, astral and divine planes, dead or alive, still gotta have space to exist in as whatever you are. Check out this video which talks about water and matter and how they relate scientifically.

Now what does this have to do with water you may ask? My humble belief, based on the study and practical application of theory and principle, is that space itself is fluid in structure, like water. I'll even go so far as to say I believe space is how God Itself can be omnipresent and all the other omni's it is because of space, if in fact they are not also one in the same. So for the last 7 or 8 months I've been feeling into the idea that space is a conscious entity, alive and interacting with everything inside it with full volition. Like as I speak and act out my thoughts, it responds to me in like, dancing with me and my imagination or lack there of. You see it doesn't matter what you do or don't believe in, your still having your experience in space.

The hardest part about this particular point of view is that we always ask,"If its real, why does it let bad things happen, why didn't it protect me from harm?". From my understanding space, like water, is neutral in its presence. What you put in is what you get out. One drop of lemon in water, you got lemon water. One drop of love in space, you got loving going on. Our need for personal responsibility regarding our environment is paramount to working with this philosophy. Its the reason The Secret, Abram Hicks and Think and Grow Rich work for those who embody the teachings. Space doesn't care how crazy or impossible you think things are. Its gonna give you back whatever drops of thoughts and emotions you put into it.

I know, a little much to swallow maybe, but like I said, its my theory. My way of attempting to grasp a small portion of the mystery that life is. However I walk through life with more excitement now, looking for my thoughts and emotions reflecting through people, places, songs, bumper stickers and all the ways feed back flows into my experience. What if this was true though? What if enough of us think and feel differently about our lives and each other and make our water/space friggin amazing? It takes walking through the world, knowing this living water is completely supporting and bringing to you exactly what you want, wether conscious or sub consciously requested. Probably would make you want to clear your mind more each day right? Really work on your personal mental/emotional space more, clearing out those that poop and pee in your water/space. Gives a whole new meaning to "Keep that shit to yourself!"

If your full of poop after swimming through your day of people and places also full of it, come practice with me or do yoga and meditate wherever you are. Take a walk in nature or next to large bodies of water as these places help you balance out. Do whatever it takes to activate yourself so you can stimulate these living waters and experience the joy of swimming in the infinite, floating in the womb of creation, fully supported and held exactly the way you think and feel you are. Life Is Alive.... Dive in


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