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The Blind Eye

I love the movies that start out with an intense scene drawing you into the story immediately. Two guys fighting with another guy, the two are clobbering the one guy. In your mind your like"wtf, this guys are brutal", but the director has just caught you in their trap. What we see and perceive can be, and usually is, not always the truth we project onto it. We know nothing of either participant, their history or the events leading up to that moment of our witnessing. Did the perceived victim rape or steal from one of the two guys, or did the guys bullying days just come to a tragically painful end? It takes a present, aware person to slow down and tap into the moment, the people, and find the great truth that ties it all together.

How many times have we judged someone or something purely based on outward appearances or circumstances, just to find out that things were not as they appeared to be? It takes a certain effort to look beyond what the eyes tell our brain and actually "feel" into the situation at its core, its substance, and be ok about what it "really" is. In class, many students do this either about themselves or me. They say, "look how inflexible I am, there's no way I can do your class and enjoy it", or "can you do extended crow, its a basic yoga stance all yogi's know?". I tend to laugh and blow off each question or comment because I know they're in they're head, thinking with their eyes. I know and see through my experience what's true for me and what's not. I've seen beginners do amazing things in my class, and veterans who can't breathe for more than 90 seconds without feeling dizzy or unable to continue all together. Doesn't matter what the truth is, we'll see what we think and feel.

How many relationships do you know, where the main cause of disharmony has to do with communication? And that communication is being clouded by what happened yesterday, and who their partner was then, and how they are the same now. We talk about the past, with all of our belief and logic in the present, and then see the past repeat, which further justifies how we think and feel. My friends we've placed a veil over our eyes and look through a glass darkly. We've robbed our loved ones of the opportunity to grow and evolve, for situations to grow and change into higher expressions, because all we see are our shadows covering everything, hiding truth in its wake.

We as humans only see .1 percent of the light spectrum, way less than 10%, yet base 100% of our reality and how we relate to it everyday of our lives, on that .1%!! Crazy right? Our collective" normal" is to draw conclusions about things and live these projections as truth. So how do we break free, lift the veil and use our vision, not only our sight? We do practices that force us to feel more presently, which really means thinking differently about ourselves and our experience. Perception is the Alchemy of life. Its the knob we can turn to raise or lower our personal vibration and life output. How we view everything is everything. I'm not saying to ignore what you see, if your rent is due, is friggin due! If your loved one is abusive or always aloof then please view these situations as they come, head on and clear. However look with solution based eyes, taking on the adventure of the situation. How can I make sure I'm not abusing myself in anyway and live in complete safety? I'm gonna learn to be more out going with whomever I'm loving so they know I feel safe sharing my feelings and being myself. What other parts of myself do I get to explore so there's more creativity financial flow in my life? This is called Reframing, a powerful linguistic technique that directs the mind toward solutions and playfulness, which get the brain active on both spheres, and gets you better results by its consistent application.

I practice and Naam Shakti Yoga because it opens up my body and mind for this type of personal reprogramming. Because of the practical and effective exercises, I practice getting in the zone of presence, full awareness of moment. Its a bit scary to be so open sometimes, like swimming in the open sea with no land in site. But constant application and results carry me. I feel more connected to my students in class, like bonded, which helps me give them just what they need in that moment we're together. Maybe next class its your hips or you fought with your boyfriend so your chest and shoulders are tight. I'm present with my family and friends and enjoy them to pieces because I'm completely in their world and they're fully in mine. My business thrives because people feel my authenticity, trust my products and services and continue allowing me the opportunity to serve them. All because I'm using vision instead of sight. I look through my heart and feel through my mind and capture more of the truth of the moment, which releases the need to make up what it is. Then life because an endless adventure story with twists and turns, endless characters and plenty of laughs along the way.

Everyday chip away at the veil between yourself and your Self. See what I'm sayin?


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