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40 Day Meditation For Peace, Power & Purpose

40 Day Meditation Practice

40 Day Meditation Practice

Challenge YourSelf to

Expand Beyond Your Current Limits

& Beliefs Through A 40 Day

Custom Meditation Practice

What is the 40 Day Power Meditation?  


Its a meditation practice to help you break unwanted habits and beliefs that hinder you from the true expression of your purpose, creative intelligence and passion in the world.


Is it Yoga or just Meditation?


This practice is a combination of breath-work, dynamic stretching, mantra meditation and Planetary Kabbalistic principles wrapped in one process.  All levels of experience  are welcomed  to discover the power of consistent focus, dedication and the shaping of the human will through ritual and sacred repetition.



Why should I dedicate 40 Days of Meditation to my Self?  What’s in it for me?!


Completing a 40 Day mediation or Sadhana, gives you a powerful sense of your own innate wisdom and stamina.  It not only can shift you out of bad relationships, jobs or mental/emotional turmoil, but it can help you change your mind and feelings about these life obstacles.




Meditate At Your Speed for 40 Days Straight!

Chose Your Path Below

The Seeker 10-15min Per Day

Good for beginners or those with a long break between meditation’s will enjoy building momentum everyday with this easy 10-15min meditation for 40 Days


The Student 20-30min Per Day

Perfect for returning Seekers ready to go deeper into another 40 Day practice.  Times are increased and mantra meditation is added for sound healing and transpersonal therapy.  Also a Day 15  check in with me via video/phone to make sure you stay on track with your goals.


The Adept 45-75min Per Day 

Not to be tried, but Done! Only those ready to open up faster and go deeper than the previous models should take this practice format on.  Though no prior experience is necessary, the effects happen faster and bring up more to release.  Along with extended practice times and mantra meditation, The Adept also includes the beginning of Arch Angel evocation and prayer work.  Also a 20 & 40 day check-in with me via video/phone to make sure you stay on track with your goals.


These meditation's can be done for

40/80/120 days consecutively.


Commit to your depth, your strength and your purpose.  Complete 40days of Power with me.  There’s nothing to lose but yesterday’s baggage and stress.

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