10-Session Breathwork Protocol in Miami

Recalibrate your nervous system and go from fight or flight to autonomic healing and homeostasis.  

Offset today's technology overwhelm. 

$2,500 for 10 private classes   

I personalize a protocol for each of my clients combing Holotropic Breathwork, Naam Yoga,  Movement and Laughter to stimulate and maximize your human technology.


The 10-class private package includes: 


Ten 75-minute in-person or online sessions 

Personalized protocol to your needs &

Personalized Daily Practice 


Increased energy
Better sleep
Heightened focus

Improved mood

Increased willpower

Reduced stress

Enhanced creativity

Relaxed shoulders

​​​Stronger immune system

Reduced body aches

Improved posture

Open hips


Everyone is talking about breathwork - but it's nothing new. Today, a lot of different institutions have been doing research. Here are some interesting articles from publications, universities and even fellow colleagues in the field that can give you more insight into my practice. 

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