January 19, 2016

     I'm finding it hard to put words down in  a blog or journal because I've been working so hard on my feeling frequencies, playing with the ability to regulate them, focus and unfocused them.  Do then translate the experience via words is the story I use to avoid my vulnerable state.  This practice is leaving me more and more exposed to everything, yet I feel connected more than ever to it all, each day a little b...

January 12, 2016

    I love water!  I love the way it feels to be submerged inside of it, floating and fully surrendered, or moving through it with my limbs like I'm flying.  Being from Los Angeles and growing up with the ocean's power and presence has always healed me and broaden my perspective of life.  Water is life, simple as that.  We're currently searching other planets to find water as a basis for sustaining human life beyond Earth.  Ye...

January 6, 2016

    I love the movies that start out with an intense scene drawing you into the story immediately.  Two guys fighting with another guy, the two are clobbering the one guy.  In your mind your like"wtf, this guys are brutal", but the director has just caught you in their trap.  What we see and perceive can be, and usually is, not always the truth we project onto it.  We know nothing of either participant, their history or the ev...

December 23, 2015

A client asked me what style of yoga I teach, what's my practice called? Its hard to put a solid name on it. Naam Yoga is what I'm certified in. Though I've often used concepts and techniques from Hermitic thought, A Course in Miracles, Shakti Naam, animal loco motion, Golden Dawn, Sufism, etc. What's your practice but everything that makes you move forward in spite of, or look closer at a flower or interactions with strangers...

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