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Only Love

I'm finding it hard to put words down in a blog or journal because I've been working so hard on my feeling frequencies, playing with the ability to regulate them, focus and unfocused them. Do then translate the experience via words is the story I use to avoid my vulnerable state. This practice is leaving me more and more exposed to everything, yet I feel connected more than ever to it all, each day a little bit more. Its a strange sensation to share emotional content with someone without words or physical contact.

With a career that contains almost 90% female clientele, it allows me to create that safe space which cultivates learning and teaching, while also giving the intimacy required to work through challenges. Almost all of my private sessions, at least for me, are non-verbal in nature. I'm watching your body move, your gestures, word choices. I'm feeling into your current state so I have an idea of how to serve. I discovered that my personal work with emotions, thoughts and human energy dynamics have given me the secret to what everybody is looking for. Love!

My main pursuit and purpose is really the mastery of Love, whatever the hell that means anyway. I use that phrase to merely invoke a feeling, an emotional resonance point that helps me "feel" into that potential. Mastery for me seems far away within the context of spiritual advancement since I'm not even sure how vast I really am or what I already know or have known. Maybe I already am a master, as we all then have to be, and we're just remembering what we forgot.

But love, that nectar, that highly addictive, sweet and spicy sticky mess that creates everything, is the glue holding it all. There's nothing higher than it that can give us access to heaven and solomon's temple full of gold faster than love. A fool with a heart full of love can accomplish more than a smart person with a head full of knowledge. You just feel more alive, more clear and connected. Ideas and creativity move like water, and working becomes play and fades when your 'in" love, doing what you love. My focus on experiencing deeper love helps me connect to my students and clients and be more present with them. This creates an instant healing space, regardless of what we do in a physical way, we've come together and started healing.

So what am I saying? I love you. I love you because it helps me serve you and myself. My interest in how you feel is the same I have for myself. Its practical and non judgmental, open to change at any moment and time and allowed to be whatever it is. My love will guide me to the technique, posture, breath sequence, story or stupid joke to get the energy moving towards healing. It requires me to love without attachment or condition. Yeah still working on that pero at least I'm working no!!!


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